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Pumps for the Rental Market Add-ons

BBA Pumps produces mobile pump systems, however, it does not rent out its products. As a proudly independent pumping supplier, we serve both the rental market and companies active in dewatering projects. For many years, the company’s goal has been focused on the production of mobile pumps to serve the general rental markets.

Built tough for the Rental Sector
Low weight, compact and easy to stack are just a few of the product benefits. Further, a BBA pump is built tough for use on the most demanding work sites, but it is also designed to be easy to use.
  • Durable - enclosures minimize the risk of damage on site
  • Multi-purpose capability - due to the large free passage and built-in vacuum system
  • Low Energy Needs – thanks to high pump efficiency and modern diesel engines
  • Easy to use - easy to connect hoses, turn the ignition key and start work
Do you plan to buy or rent your pump?
Looking for expert advice about buying or renting your pump? Get in contact with us to discover our principles of "Lowest cost of ownership". BBA Pumps Inc. supplies rental companies in many states, therefore you can be sure a reliable dealer or experienced pump rental company will be available locally to help you out. 
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BA150E D285 trailer
Size : 6 x 6 inches Max. flow : 2200 US gpm Max. head : 125 ft. / 54 PSI
Size : 6 x 6 inches
Max. flow : 2200 US gpm
Max. head : 125 ft. / 54 PSI
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