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Pump Training

Pump training is a crucial part of our efforts to ensure operational safety and the performance of your equipment. At the BBA Pumps training center in the Netherlands we provide various educations in pump technology. Some of the courses are delivered together with our engine suppliers, in this way the entire pumpset is covered.

The training consists of practical and theoretical modules, which contain general pump technology, charts, resistance, pump applications and maintenance. We have scheduled courses running throughout the year, but we can also provide customized training to meet your specific needs.

By participating you will benefit from:
  • Better understanding of the pump and the system
  • Ensure a safer working environment
  • Reduce maintenance costs
  • Work in an environmentally friendly manner
Main objective: improving pump and system (cost) operational performance.
Participants who successfully complete the training will be awarded with an official BBA Pumps certificate.

Contact us for more information.