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Flooded suction

By flooded suction we mean the liquid pressure on the inlet side of the pump. Flooded suction can be created by gravity if the liquid level is above the centerline of the pump shaft.

The centrifugal pump then receives the liquid via an inflow from a higher point. Flooded suction is also possible when several pumps are installed in series.

Flooded suction modification instructions

If your dry prime BA pump temporarily gets higher pre-pressure than 6.5 ft. (2.9 PSI) adjust the float box. The standard float box can easily be made suitable for higher pre-pressure.

If you have frequent pumping projects with pre-pressure, such as cleaning storage tanks, we recommend fitting a different float box. Download the float box modification instructions for options.

Flooded suction vs suction lift

From a pumping point of view, flooded suction is in many cases preferable when compared to suction lift. With flooded suction, the pump does not have to make any effort to suck in the liquid and therefore does not lose any head on the suction side.

Another advantage of flooded suction vs suction lift is the lower risk of downtime (most pump failures are caused by suction problems).