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If a picture is worth a thousand words, a video is worth a million. On this page you will find a collection of videos of our pumps and applications in the field. To view our tutorial videos on repair and maintenance, you need a login. Don't have one yet? Contact your BBA representative to obtain a login.

BBA Dutch Dewatering Solutions

In this video you find Dutch Dewatering Solutions with a BBA Wellpoint Dewatering System. Wellpoint systems dewater water-bearing soils, such as sand and gravel, so that excavation and construction of foundations can proceed with a dry and stable ground foundation.  

They keep the foundation dry during rain and flooding. In addition, wellpoints can stabilize soil, relieve pressure for dams and levees, and help supply water for municipalities and industrial plants. 

A wellpoint system encompasses a series of properly sized wellpoints that surround or run parallel to the site. Wellpoints are small-diameter tubes with slots near the bottom that are inserted into the ground. Before the excavation begins, these wellpoints are inserted into the soil and placed at the calculated spacing and depth by self-jetting into the ground. Some soil conditions require predrilling or hole-punching and sand casing before the wellpoints can be installed. This can be accomplished with a jet pump, which has a discharge that should be piped to an area where it will not interfere with the contraction.

The wellpoint tubes are then connected to a header pipe with risers and swings piping. A dewatering pump is then connected to the header piping, creating a vacuum that pumps the water in the soils of the construction site to the discharge area. The BBA wellpoint system can 24/7 until the construction project is completed to ensure a stable foundation. A BBA wellpoint system and PT150 wellpoint pump are critical for a successful project.

BBA Pumps Settlement tank

Settlement tanks are sand collectors to optimize your pumping system during dewatering projects. In addition to the collection and separation of sand present in the groundwater, settlement tanks also work as a deaerator to ensure an accurate flow measuring.

The special recess in the fully galvanized settlement tank is a space where the Handy water meter can be installed. Other standard features are forklift pockets, branding panels and the unit is stackable, also with our mobile pumps.
BBA Pumps settlement tanks are suitable for:
  • Wellpoint dewatering
  • Horizontal dewatering
  • Construction dewatering
  • Flow measuring
  • pH-neutral water 0 - 45 °C.

BBA Pumps Pipe transport frame Loading & unloading

BBA Pumps has developed a special pipe transport frame for HDPE and steel pipes. The steel frame is fully galvanized, provided with removable uprights and a normalised assembly frame.

See the video on loading or unloading within one minute for trucks with a hook-lift system. The pipe transport frame is the ideal solution for emergency organisations and water boards to be able to take quick action in case of flooding and firefighting.

How to adjust pump speed BA100K D193

How can I adjust the engine speed of the BA100K D193? The standard factory setting of the BA100K D193 is 1500 rpm. The maximum speed of the unit driven by Hatz 1D90Z is 1700 rpm, watch the instruction video to see how you can adjust the speed.

BBA Pumps Priming with MP50 Vacuum Pump

BBA Pumps priming with MP50 vacuum assisted BA150E mobile pump 6" sewage & dewatering diesel driven pump.

A sewer bypass pump is used for pumping wastewater during sewer line repairs. A trouble-free temporary pump installation is paramount during bypass projects. The best solution for such a job is a diesel driven dry prime pump from the BA series. Our sewage (trash) pumps are sound attenuated and also available with an electric drive or trailer mounted.

Set up of a temporary bypass emergency pumping system by BBA Pumps

The set up of a temporary bypass pumping system with a total capacity of 20.000 m3/hour (90.000 US GPM). Case study

BA-C500 High Flow Pump

BBA high flow pump unit of the type BA-C500S11 D711 with a very attractive efficiency of 86%. The auto prime pump provides a capacity of 5500 m3/hour (24000 US GPM) and a maximum head of 37mwk (120 ft).

The pump is driven by a modern Stage IV Volvo Penta diesel engine; the TAD1374VE. This provides a power of 375kW and delivers the lowest specific fuel consumption in its class (207 g/kWh). Exhaust gas is treated using AdBlue®. It is fully equipped with the newly developed, extremely silent and light weight canopy and its dimensions ensure that it fits into a 20 ft. container without any problems. The total weight of the pump unit is just 10.800kg!