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The ability to provide a truly international pump service is just one of the strengths of our organization. We welcome your visit to our modern workshop, where we can assist you with pump repairs and pump maintenance. In addition, our team of experienced pump service specialists is ready to overhaul and test the pumps on your company premises. In this way we ensure that your business processes will always perform optimally.

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In the event of detecting a fault, it is the responsibility of the owner to immediately stop use of the product and/or decommission it. Then the defect shall be reported within eight (8) days to a BBA Pumps importer, distributor, dealer or workshop using the enclosed warranty claim form. Such notification must be made as soon as possible and no later than eight (8) days after the date on which the user has noticed or should have noticed the defect for the first time and thus no later than eight (8) days after expiration of the warranty period.

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