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BBA Pumps Warranty Procedure
This procedure outlines the process for completing a BBA Pumps (BBA) warranty investigation form. In order for a warranty investigation form to be reviewed, all the following must be completed and
submitted according to the procedure listed below.
BBA - Warranty Information .pdf

The entire warranty investigation form must be completed. This includes the following:
  • Date of the noticed issue.
  • Customer name, address, phone number, email and name of the main point of contact.
  • Pump model number, pump serial number, current hours on the pump, engine serial number and the control panel model number.
  • Description of the issue, which should be as detailed as possible. The more information the better.
  • Codes that are displayed on the control panel, and any additional information that may be pertinent to the issue should be included in the warranty investigation form.
Pictures of the following must be included:
  • Picture of the pump serial plate. This is located between the two doors on the control panel side of the pump.
  • Picture of the current hours displayed on the control panel.
  • Pictures of the referenced issue.
The pump application must be included with the warranty investigation form email submittal. This can be described in the body of the email and / or on a separate word document.

All warranty investigation forms must be emailed to within 8 days
of the discovered issue. The form on this page will be automatically forwarded to Failure to report the issue within 8 days voids the warranty investigation form for the referenced issue.

BBA will respond within 8 business days to the point of contact with whom submitted the warranty investigation form. The BBA response will include one of the following:
  • Approval of the warranty investigation form and any details to follow.
  • Denial of the warranty investigation form with an explanation of the denial.
  • Not enough information provided to process the warranty investigation. Any additional information required will be included with this email.
Failure to follow the process above will result in a denied warranty investigation form.