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BBA Pumps in Action with Remote Monitoring to Minimize Risks

Thursday, June 23, 2022

Sainte-Ursule, only 100 kilometers north east of Montreal, Canada. A diesel driven BA100E D265 Pump was deployed to lower the water level after a massive landslide. The disaster occurred on Monday June 22nd on a construction site in Sainte-Ursule, aimed at replacing a large culvert. The construction workers on site all escaped unscathed – "A miracle!", some witnesses said.

The land, pipes and even heavy machinery has moved at least a hundred meters. Due to rain fall and the high water level the area is still dangerous. To minimize safety risks a valuable BBA Pumps rental partner installed a 4-inch mobile pump unit monitored by linQ telematics. This way, no one needs to enter the dangerous area unnecessarily to, for example, check the fuel level in the tank. linQ alarms were set to alert service workers when fuel levels drops below 20% and in case the unit would stop for any reason.

Link to the local news item Spectaculaire glissement de terrain à Sainte-Ursule [VIDÉO] | Actualités | Le Nouvelliste - Trois-Rivières.

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