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BBA Pumps Inc. Introduces More Pumps with DriveOn® Technology

Tuesday, July 19, 2022

Following the BA100K D193 and the PT150 D185, BBA Pumps proudly introduces these new models with DriveOn® technology in North America: The popular 6-inch dirty water pump BA150E D285 and the 8-inch sewer pump  BA180KS D315. Both mobile centrifugal pumps are powered by a Hatz 4H50TIC and come standard with a 1500 hour service interval as of now.

A unique engine concept

Sustainability was a key consideration with the development of the DriveOn® concept. Diesel driven BBA Pumps with DriveOn® technology offers an extended service interval up to 1500 running hours. This results in huge savings on oil, filters and labour. On top of that, the working conditions for mechanics have been significantly improved. Before, it was hard to reach far down inside the pump to replace parts and oil, but with DriveOn® technology everything is right behind the door for easy access, making everyone’s job just a little easier.

Cost savings

The statistics and benefits below are based on 30.000 running hours (average working lifetime of a diesel engine) for a BA100K D193 wastewater centrifugal pump with DriveOn® technology, extending the maintenance intervals with:
  • 66% less often oil changes (20 times versus 60 times)
  • 25% less oil is consumed (200 litres versus 270 litres)
  • Oil filter is replaced 40 times less often (20 times instead of 60 times)
Not only do extended maintenance intervals save money on oil changes and replacement parts, it reduces labour costs and environmental pollution associated with oil disposal. Indirect costs such as downtime, loss of rental income and transportation.

BBA Pumps Inc. introduces more pumps with DriveOn® technology