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BLOG | Various Websites for Imperial and Metric Units

Tuesday, January 2, 2024

BBA Pumps has two different English websites. You are currently on for North American pump users. For global users we recommend to use Our goal is to prevent the confusion due to various units such as gallon and m3/h. However, there are more reasons:
  • At you will find information on all the pump models we manufacture ourselves. The product range in North America is limited to a specific selection with the market;
  • On the website the technical data is given in the Imperial system (feet). At we use the metric system (mwc);
  • Emissions regulations for diesel-driven pumps in North America are typically EPA Tier 4 final. Worldwide, emission requirements vary from Stage II to Stage V;
  • This gives us the opportunity to respond rapidly across various continents.

Pump data in Imperial measurement units at

In the US, and to some extent in the UK, we rely on the imperial measurement system. However, in most other parts of the world, the metric system is the standard. The table below outlines the variations we come across in the pump industry.

Alternate Row Color Tabl
 Metric UnitsImperial UnitsConversion
Pump Flowm3/hgpm1 m3/h = 4.4 gpm
Pump Headmwcpsi1 mwc = 1.45 psi
Pressurebarfeet1 bar = 33.4 ft
Sizemminch25,4 mm = 1 inch
PowerkWhp1 kW = 1.34 hp
Weightkglbs1 kg = 2.2 lbs
Distancekmmile1 km = 0.62 mile

Emission regulations for engine driven units worldwide

Regulations governing emissions from combustion engines differ across the globe. In Europe, portable pumpsets are mandated to run on Stage V engines, while in North America, compliance with the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) necessitates engines meeting Tier 4 final standards.

An important corporate core value is exceeding our client’s expectations and that also includes two different English websites.

Written by: Femke Teunissen