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Massive Cost Savings due to Extended Maintenance Intervals

Wednesday, November 22, 2017
This can save you a lot of money. For single-cylinder diesel driven pumps, the engine supplier suggests maintenance intervals after 250 operating hours. The BA100K wastewater pump and PT150 wellpoint pump have standard maintenance intervals of 1500 operating hours.

Advantages of the extended maintenance interval after 30,000 operating hours (average working lifetime of a diesel engine):
  • Oil change is 100 times less often (20 times versus 120 times)
  • Almost 90 gallons less oil consumed (50 gallons versus 140 gallons)
  • Filter replacement 100 times less often (20 times versus 120 times) 
Therefore, you benefit from much reduced labour costs, savings on the cost of engine oil and filters and less environmental pollution associated with the disposal of the old oil and filters.
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