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New BBA Pumps Weir Tank

Wednesday, August 17, 2022
BBA Pumps introduces a new weir tank for mobile pumping systems and wellpoint dewatering. The weir tank is now prepared for the installation of a Handy flow meter and is equipped as standard with a composite grating cover and logo panels for your own branding.

In many countries it is mandatory to place a weir tank in the discharge pipe of a pumping installation. This allows the particles to settle before the water is discharged through the sewer or into a creek. The BBA Pumps weir tanks were already equipped with useful features such as their ability to be stacked with mobile pumps, forklift pockets and a removable partition for easy cleaning.

Measuring is knowing
Because the fluid is completely de-aerated when it leaves the weir tank, you get a very accurate flow measurement. The Handy flow meter option offers the user multiple advantages such as safety, convenience and a reliable measurement of the amount of fluid to be pumped.

BBA Pumps weir tank