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PT Wellpoint Pumps in Mexico

Monday, November 18, 2019

Wellpoint Mexico has many years of experience in reducing groundwater levels and water transportation. The company deploys wellpoint dewatering pumps in their large-scale construction projects at various locations around Mexico. These projects range from the construction of a shopping center in Cancun to ensuring dry working conditions in the maintenance and construction of pipelines.

Following a discussion with BBA Pumps at their booth on the 2016 WEFTEC show, Wellpoint Mexico made their first investment in BBA PT150 pumps. For two years, the pumps were in use from one dewatering project to another. Despite the significant amount of running hours only standard maintenance was needed.

The companies’ owner Antonio Nava recently asked if an experienced technician from BBA Pumps Inc. would like to visit his company in Mexico. This would be for the pumps first major maintenance and also to provide in-house training to his service employees. "I'm extremely enthusiastic about the PT pumps low fuel consumption costs and the long service intervals of 1500 operating hours." Antonio said.

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