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Rapid Response Flood Control Pumping Package

Friday, December 4, 2020
Rapid Response Flood Control Pumping Package | BBA Pumps USADesigned by the men in the field and manufactured by BBA Pumps. This is a mobile pump system with a capacity of 34000 GPM which can be quickly set up in case of high flood water emergencies. With no time to lose and failure not being an option, the heroes who keep our feet dry know what’s best.

Their needs are shaped from their own practical experience. So upon receiving a sketch outlining their design our innovation team was put to work and we came up with this great end result. Its complete mobile pumping system, equipped with hook-lift transport frames, which in case of flooding allows trucks to be safely loaded and ready to go within a minute.

Upon arrival on site, the unloading can be done within a minute video and the pump installation can then be set up. Installing the steel suction pipe still takes some time, but the unique BBA Pumps suction strainer video helps to solve this. On the discharge side of the pump there is a large volume non-return valve and a manifold fitted with quick couplings. Then, with the help of a couple of people onsite, the lightweight 12-inch pipes with quick connectors are put in place and the pumpset can be started.

The largest mobile pump

The BA700G is our largest mobile water pump and delivers 34000 GPM! To professionally install such a large format pump requires experience and extensive piping. Nevertheless, the pump set has been specially developed so it can be quickly operational in case of high water emergencies. The difference lies in the details.
The largest mobile pump BA700G | BBA Pumps USA

Many hands make light work

That is why we like to work with lightweight materials. With just a few people in a team, you can easily walk with the HDPE pipes to their required location. Tip, just grease the O-ring on the quick coupling before connecting the pipe.
BBA Pumps lightweight discharge pipes | BBA Pumps USA

See how quickly a BBA pump system can be operational

See how quickly a BBA pump system can be operational | BBA Pumps