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Sound Attenuated vs. Open Frame Pumps

Wednesday, November 20, 2019

10 reasons to choose sound attenuated pumps

1. No noise pollution

Building the World’s best silent pump unit was the original goal when designing the canopies. In doing so the pumps operate so quietly that customers or local residents have no cause to complain. Video with pump sound 48 dB at 33 ft.

2. Safety

If the pump is operating unattended, you can simply lock the doors and take the key home. This makes sure that nobody can accidentally come into contact with rotating or hot parts.

3. Long service life

The canopy protects the pump, engine and electrical components from the weather elements. As a result, there is less chance of downtime and your pump unit will last for years. We say “Lowest Cost of Ownership”.

4. Stackable

A portable pump is designed to be working out in the field, but sometimes they need to be stored for the next project. When handling the pumps, you will soon be impressed by how easy they are to stack. At BBA Pumps almost everything can be stacked! This includes weir tanks, hose racks, pipe racks and even the portable non return valves.

5. Branding

This aspect is often underestimated. Promoting your companies logo on an open frame pump is a challenge. A sound attenuated pump gives you the chance to proudly display your company name and logo, keeping you permanently in the spotlight!

6. Resistant to vandalism

Imagine your pump set has been left unattended during the weekend and then Monday morning you are suddenly faced with a wet construction site... some vandals stopped the pump or pulled the cable harnesses off, leaving the fuel tank emptied. With a sound attenuated pump with lockable doors this will never happen.

7. Protected from dust and sand

At the construction site, at the bottom of a mine or working at a wellpoint, a portable pump is often full of dust. Dust and drifting sand are an equipment killer, particularly for the diesel engine and the filters. A lockable canopy provides the protection that your pump deserves!

8. Less chance of environmental pollution

In many countries it is an environmental crime if fuel or oil leaks into the soil. That is why the BBA pumps sound attenuated canopies are supplied as standard with special features such as composite tanks in steel drip trays with oil and water separators.

9. High residual value

An Open Frame pump exposed to the wind and rain will age rapidly. With a sound attenuated BBA pump set the opposite is the case. Due to the robust design it will continue to look as good as new after a long time in use.

10. Price differences have become minimal

In the past, there was a large price difference between the first sound attenuated pumps compared to open units. Due to standardization and the economics of large scale production, the price difference has now become minimal. 95% of the portable pumps that leave the BBA Pumps factory today are delivered with a canopy.
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